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Feel like I've been dragged over the rocks . . .

My natal Saturn position at 16 Virgo 50', and my progressed Saturn at 23 Virgo have been swiped back and forth with the retrogrades in early '08 and '09.  I haven't had any stability for a couple of years now.  The retrogrades appear to be over and I can finally look forward, hopefully, to some clearer skies and not worry that I am going to be kicked back on my "behind" again and dragged back to my seat! 

Now I am assuming that transit Saturn will affect both the natal and progressed planet(s).  Does anyone have a comment on this?

BTH, I just joined.  Hello!
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(re-post, was an unintended comment):

This all looks familiar!
I just had a triple-Saturn return in my native sign due to the retrograde, and I will declare that it has been the most difficult experience I ever thought I would have to live through- School troubles, friends dying, lost relationship/friends, rather severe prescription withdrawal, severe depression, etc.. I am now a believer in astrology brothers! But my post is to assure those with similar posts that you're not alone. Of course, seeing these posts is a load off- as I thought it was all me. So hang in there during the return everyone!

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Calculating the Saturn Return

Hi everyone. I'm new to the community and am trying to figure out the day of my first Saturn return. I have a program called Solar Fire, and from what I can tell it's going to be this upcoming April. Anyone want to verify if this is correct?

July 29th 1979 12:26am Louisville, KY

My other question is regarding a Saturn Return during a retrograde? Is there anything signifigant to this? Will this make my return easier/harder?

Looking forward to hearing back on this!

Thank you,
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n00b here

I turned 30 on January 7 and feel like my return is a bit late. I'm in a period of intense personal turmoil as well as turmoil in my relationship. One thing is for certain, business as usual isn't going to cut it anymore. I'm scared, confused, sad, and angry, yet I feel more confident, level-headed, and determined than I ever have. I started to feel the effects of the return shortly before I turned 30.

I think that my wife has been a medium for the return, in some ways. Is this possible?

Anywho, thanks for having me. :-)
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saturn retrograde...

hello community:

saturn at 25 degs leo turned retrograde yesterday. all those with natal saturn between 18-25 degs leo, saturn will retrograde back past your natal return point, and then pass over that point again when it turns direct.

and thoughts on how this will manifest?

my saturn's at 22 leo, so i experienced my first saturn return this past october. the months leading up to that exact return point tested me in ways i never expected, strained me, challenged me, exhausted me, forced me to grow -- i'm sure most of you in this community can relate.

from my saturn return experiences, i've believe i've become a better person -- stronger and more mature -- but that growth required a huge amount of effort and emotional stress. [which was complicated by saturn's near-simultaneous transit over my venus at 5 degs leo.] i wonder where i'll find the strength to fortify myself for these coming months. of course, finding strength is kinda what saturn is about, but i do wonder what's in store for me....
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22 degrees leo

hello out there.

i've just joined the community; i'm currently experiencing my first return of saturn in this lifetime. i mean, the return is exact, like, today. my natal saturn is 22 degrees leo (9th house), 56 minutes, and today saturn is 22 deg 44 mins. i've been feeling the effects of this impending return for some time, particularly in the last 6 months. i feel old, grown up, responsible, reasonable, wiser, and dependable -- in short, all the things that i would have considered 'boring' not too long ago. and so many people, good friends and mere acquaintances alike have remarked on the maturity of which i now seem now capable.

so i write to ask if anyone out there has any return stories they'd like to share, or if anyone has any advice on what to expect once transiting saturn passes the return point, but remains conjunct the natal saturn.
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Children of Saturn

I have questions about Saturn (outside of its return). My chart's ruler is Saturn. It's physically w/in the 7th house, but at the same time, my 7th house is intercepted and my 6th house is duplicated. The signs for those houses are Cancer/Leo. I already have information on if the planetary ruler is in the 6th/7th house, but I don't have any information regarding the specifics of Saturn (as the ruler) in those houses or how it'll effect my life as my chart's ruler. Does anyone have any information on this? It's a complicated subject.

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Greetings. First post. Name's Aaron. I'm currently experiencing a Saturn Return, which is in Leo. My chart's ruler is Saturn, and this is due to my ascendant being Capricorn in the 1st house--a house that is naturally ruled by the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. (See natural house theory.) According to my chart, Aries is in the 3rd House, but I suspect that he has some kind of influence on my ascendant too. I wonder if this is what they call an rx 1sts?

One of the things that I was told that was that nurturing issues will arise. This is one of the reasons why I've recently started to think about love. My venus is in capricorn, but my juno is in scorpio? Which would be an astrologers' priority--the capricorn or the scorpio? Btw, this here is an interesting page about Saturn in Leo. Pretty accurate, and mine went stationary too, about to jump into retrograde. From what I've read, I can become the epitome of Saturn--that is a harbringer of doom, but it's in the 7th house, and that rules domestic issues. So I guess, at least, I'd be satisfied to be a career homewrecker of sorts.

Well, as far as I can tell, I haven't lost my job, don't have any karma, etc. So I think I'm surviving it, and will triumph past 2007.
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questions, questions and more questions

hello, i'm a recent member. i did a big search for astrology-related communities and stumbled upon this one. it's good to know there are a couple of saturn-related communities, as i have a strong (and challenging) saturn in my chart.

i've been going through my saturn return, and i have a few questions:

--when is it over?!

i'm about to enter my 31st birthday in january. i think the energies of it have been calming down, but it did wreak all kinds of havoc--needed havoc--hard, emotional change and decisions in lots of places. i have my natal saturn in cancer, conjunct a cancer moon, in the 2nd house. oh, and saturn's natally retrograded.

i'm an astrology novice, so if this questions sounds ridiculous, i'm sorry:

but what's the difference between transiting saturn (going through your houses at a pace of what? 2-3 years?) and when it returns? and how can you be having your saturn return and have it transiting a different house then where it was when you were born? i've read that saturn has just left my sixth house of work and is headed into my 7th house of relationships. but how can it have been doing its return thing, which natally happened in my 2nd house, if it's been hovering around my 6th house the last couple of years (during the peak of my return)?

any thoughts on saturn conjunct cancer? also with both making a square with pluto in the fifth?

thanks in advance for any illumination.