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The 'Saturn Return' Community

Living with (and through!) the return of Saturn.

Saturn's Return
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What is a Saturn Return?

Saturn Return
"A twenty-nine year cycle, representing a time in life when we feel frustrated, angry, sad, confused, tired and insecure. A time when we become aware that we must accept responsibility for our actions."+

"It happens to everyone at age 29: Saturn return. It's the astrological event which at long last separates the adolescents from the adults. It is the reason why people in their 20s are very different from people in their 30s."+

"Though it is not usually a "joyous" time, it can be. Though it is not usually an "easy" time, it can be if you are living your higher purpose. Just learn what people and circumstances and fears you no longer want nor need, let go of lesser things, and you will find a maturity that enables you to enjoy your future, rather than be frustrated at not being able to stay in childish behavioral, feeling, and thinking patterns. Ultimately Saturn can lead us to our primal innocence, where we do what’s right for the greatest good for all, without ulterior motives and controlling behaviors. We just have to learn to be mature, without being old."+

This community is for those of us going through the perilous return of Saturn, which happens to us twice in life (once every 28 years) if you live that long.

-Discussion of Saturn's effect on our lives
-Support from people who have already been through a Saturn Return

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