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Saturn's Return

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22 degrees leo [Oct. 15th, 2006|05:50 pm]
Saturn's Return


[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

hello out there.

i've just joined the community; i'm currently experiencing my first return of saturn in this lifetime. i mean, the return is exact, like, today. my natal saturn is 22 degrees leo (9th house), 56 minutes, and today saturn is 22 deg 44 mins. i've been feeling the effects of this impending return for some time, particularly in the last 6 months. i feel old, grown up, responsible, reasonable, wiser, and dependable -- in short, all the things that i would have considered 'boring' not too long ago. and so many people, good friends and mere acquaintances alike have remarked on the maturity of which i now seem now capable.

so i write to ask if anyone out there has any return stories they'd like to share, or if anyone has any advice on what to expect once transiting saturn passes the return point, but remains conjunct the natal saturn.

[User Picture]From: lostangelsixx
2006-10-18 02:21 am (UTC)
I'm in the center of my first Saturn return- I'll be 30 November 11th. Honestly, it has not been the easiest part of my life, but many many changing events have occurred- career, love life, family, etc. I don't think I have any good advice really, but to hang on- it's still rocky with me yet, but I've definately come out more mature since it started.

~Much Love
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[User Picture]From: anonymousvirgin
2006-10-18 02:49 am (UTC)
thanks for the reminder. i'm hanging in here... i'm finding it helpful to know other people experienced similar things with their returns.

i checked your profile... i see you're from concord. i grew up in a suburb of boston myself, tho i haven't lived in NE for over seven years now. (and i too, have an affinity for whiskey, bourbon especially.) this is the time of year that i miss new england. the most. i think the saturn return is making that longing especially poignant now, a little extra-nostalgic... no more childhood for me!

and happy birthday [a little early] to you.
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